“I Will Do It” Says The Lord

I will, Do it, Says Lord

It’s pretty difficult to have faith when it appears things are going wrong all around you. Maybe you are struggling with a health issue, or a financial crisis. Could be a friend who walked out on you. Or perhaps there has been a death or a divorce. But do not despair because despair does no good. The thing to do is to turn it all over to God and have a faith that can move mountains!

Within our small view, it’s very difficult at times to see what is taking place for our good. But the bible states; “I will do it, says the Lord”.  I love this passage, because it really helps me to take my hands off of situations and put my trust in God for my good outcome. Even when it seems that the good is hard to find in any given situation.

Every day is a gift.  And how we go through and our state of mind is very important to our character.  A great way to trust completely and live every day in all its fullness, is to start each day getting right with God. When you do this, whatever comes, you have a guarantee for positivity to prevail. Most of all you have peace. 

There was a time, I was concerned as to how my career would grow. I also wondered how I might be physically fit to be the performer I imagined I was. In addition, how I would even survive the artist’s path?  But one day, as I was lying in bed, I heard in my spirit, “I will do it” and it was as if a miracle had taken place. Those four words allowed me to let go of everything and relax.

Now I want to pass this on to you.  Please remember the battle is the Lords. Remember you are a child of the most high God, and He is a good, good father. You can trust Him as you go through the storms, for your best outcome. And when it is time to say goodbye to this world, you can with a peace that surpasses all understanding. 

“I will do it! Says the Lord”.