God Understands Weakness

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God Understands Our Weakness

We all have a handicap in one way or another. We may have a physical handicap, such as a weakness in our body, or perhaps we feel unqualified by a mental stronghold. Maybe we have an emotional bondage. Something that makes us feel less than 100% of what the ideal is for us. But God knows every hair we have on our head, and He understands weakness.  And because He knows and understands completely, we can trust Him to fill us with strength every day.

A handicap makes us feel in need. We appear disadvantaged in an area of our lives. Paul had a thorn in His side that God did not remove. But this did not stop Paul from doing the work of the Lord.  In fact, Paul pressed on, through his weakness in God’s strength and not his own. So, our weaknesses and our handicap, helps us to further rely on God, to accomplish what we are here to carry out in our time on Earth.

Now, no one likes to feel less than perfect. In addition, having weakness can be painful and stressful. But we need not let it cause us further pain or stress. We need to understand that His strength is made perfect in our weakness. And that we are not alone. We recognize that all humans have weaknesses. And our achievements are not of ourselves, alone. 

So, keep pressing through the weakness, and do not give up. When opposition comes, and you face all sorts of challenges, that’s when it’s time to pray, to ask God to guide and strengthen.

Every person is fearfully and wonderfully made and uniquely fashioned. There is none like you, with your set of gifts, abilities, strengths and weaknesses. And each fault and every muscle, is utilized in the grand scheme of things for you to flourish and fufill your purpose.  

We can have better clarity for daily living when we acknowledge the truth about ourselves and not deny or avoid or discount any area we feel is less than stellar.