Good Luck Be Good

I’m very excited that I have had the time to create new music. I am back in the studio working on a new set of songs!

All of us enjoy living a life where we have the freedom to survive devoid of stressing over problems and work each day. We all desire to enjoy the freedom to sustain our way of life, be it our status, traditions, beliefs, values, ethnics, cultures, and more. Your personal choices are part of the cause to your own individualism. Despite obstacles in each path, we have ability by simply saying no to stress. Setting clear goals is a good start. When you set contingent goals, your pathway in life becomes crystal-clear.

I am a singer/songwriter who LOVES setting goals. Each year, I consider how I am to spend my time and what it is I hope to create.

I take care to revive my energy to enjoy living and visualize balance. I remember that I have the utilities needed to achieve my dreams.  Good Luck Be Good, is a song about focus.  It is a song about going our own separate ways to find our unique truths. It is about healthy decisions and recognizing our right to make smart choices. You may visualize  to awaken skills that you thought had passed on, and commit to your mission to self-improve your life to its fullest potential.

You have a will, to succeed everyday by taking a few steps to emend your private life. Check your options, as you have many. You have a choice to live happy or miserable. It is up to you. How you develop your mental, spiritual, and physical states is all part of this end result.

GOOD LUCK – BE GOOD (c) Composed Miss Kristin Pedderson 2015.

Consider your claimed lifestyle. Take in your concentration.  Check your actions each day. You too can experience a victorious means of life seeing your dreams come true.