Writing Music

“Creating my music catalog, and bringing it into production, along with music marketing, and touring, is a full time – ongoing effort. It all began years ago when I came to the end of myself and the beginning of my hopes and dreams.”  MK

What makes a great song?

It’s a very individual  because there are many different kinds of people and cultures in the world. There are as many different styles of music.  What I have learned is outstanding songs have several key components that make them greater and more memorable.

For myself, the lyrics prevail when filled with truth, sometimes hard painful truths, and sometimes joyful uplifting truths. To accomplish truth in lyrics it’s important for me to zero in on feelings of joy, despair, love, sadness or loss.

It is equally important more me to keep the central idea of the song simple. Great songs convey very straightforward ideas or emotions in a fresh way.

The music melody, tempo and instrumentation also define the feeling within the song that goes along to support the lyrical feeling.

The following are testimonies from professionals and fans: 

Derek Sivers

Previous owner of CDBaby and present Owner/Producer of Wood Egg

“Miss Kristin is the best!”

Gary Sanchez


“Miss Kristin lives and breathes music that tells of her deepest and most dear relationships with God’s truth, beauty and love. Being a willing and happy follower of her calling, Miss Kristin applies her broad talent while always performing at her best and most competent whether singing, producing or managing the business of music.”


Leonardo Helton

Music Composer – Jazz Improv – Classical New Age Fusion 

“A most true pleasure and honor to endorse Miss Kristin’s beautiful heart and soul in her expressive and eloquent music. Her timeless style finds passionate embrace of that which endures of the essence in human spirit, that condition of compassion held for all, her resonant sounds all enjoined in her musical art with mutuality in purpose for attaining world peace and love.”

Vuk Vujosevic

Freelancer at The Little Art School “The Blue Bunny”

“Kristin has a superb voice, very moving texts and I simply adore her.”

Craig Martin

Drums at Gundacker Project

“Miss Kristin is a prolific songwriter who is able to navigate around many styles and colors of the musical palette. “

I am honored to post these awesome testimonials and to bring my team of great supporting musicians to the forefront of the music industry today. I, (Miss Kristin) understand my calling and have determined to leave my mark in the music world, as one of the most moving and soulful songwriters and artists of our time. Sign up for my newsletter please and follow and stay with me along this journey.  I love you and it is my great joy to bring you “New Music for a New Age”.