Don’t Quench the Spirit

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That Flows Through Your Soul

With technology now at the forefront of our world, including robots, AI and computers controlling many things, people are becoming more dependent on tech and further removed from the inner man and spirit. We are a distracted people. And machine learning is finding out about us!

We are each meant to do great things in this world. We are created beings who are creative people. Every one of us has something beautiful to bring into existence. And what we give, has everything to do with the condition of our spirit. Also known as the condition of our hearts.

A good way to pay attention to the heart condition is to be aware of motives. It can take a bit of digging to uncover motives. However, when we take a daily look within, spend the time, and get to know God, we discover a Love that exists for us and our fellow man, that goes beyond comprehension. We can seek why we do what we do, but when we say yes to the Truth within, and not stifle, ignore, snuff out, or wound the spirit, we do great things to the benefit of our world. And we have fellowship. 

There is a force that tempts us to compromise the gifts we are given. Humans are easily distracted by everything outside of themselves. Some of these include; technology, sex, drugs, money, and materialism. But basically anything that becomes more important to each of us than the spirit within is troubling. We are a hungry people. But hungry for what? We hunger and thirst for more of everything and anything, and yet we have much.  Many people lack a sense of satisfaction. So, attempting to fill up on things that are not God, do…quench the spirit, and cause us to be further away from this great Love and guidance. 

But God is calling us back to him, to check on our hearts daily. His desire is for us to wake up and listen to spirit. As a child of God, your soul is the most important thing in this world that you have as you venture and explore your path in this life. What you do, what you think about and who you rely on for your daily satisfaction is very important. So don’t quench the spirit that flows through your soul. Bring great things into this world creatively with God as your guide.

A great prayer to pray to begin a time of spirit discovery is to say “Lord, thy Kingdom come, thy will be done, on earth as it is in heaven”. Let God be the leader in your daily life, and nothing can stop the great blessings ahead. The joy of the Lord is yours daily and as the world changes, you bring to creation the creative genius that is God. Fear not!