Romance & Holy Romance

Romance and Love
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Romance…. ahhhh yes!

Music is always good medicine. I am a Romantic and a Dreamer. Music lifts me high and at times consumes me just as a lover does.  As a writer, I have my share of muses, and situations that inspire my favorite love songs.

When I was first awakened to the gift, and made aware of my condition, (a free spirit) I came to understand the importance of romance and affection. I learned that it can come from more than one place. And that no one person was meant to fill all of my needs.

Now when I speak of Romance, I am not talking about sex.

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Romance is different and Love isn’t a shallow experience based on looks, social status or sex. Instead, love is something that comes from the very heart and soul of a person. Love is intense passion, unconditional devotion, and fierce vulnerability. In addition, the reason a person should love you is for you, and not what you can do for them.

However, Romance is a thoughtful action, a loving touch, a sweet word, or a surprise that makes another smile.

Romance is playful and uplifting and romance keeps us alive!

Without Romance, life can become dry and dull. And at any age, Romance is poetry in motion, while sharing hearts of Love.
With Romance, all that you need is a thoughtful friend or attraction, but it begins with YOU being that person.  So send a love letter today, or buy someone flowers. If touching is permitted, touch your loved ones face as you tell them how special they are or while reciting a special poem sweet.

The physical is very important, so is keeping some mystery.  So, don’t go giving it all away!  Love is mysterious. So allow some of the mystery to always exist. Embrace Romantic love and then wait a while. Loves is an action word, but Love takes time to simmer and grow.  And be playful.

Romance is an art form

Being romantic means enjoying the journey

Did you know that you do not need a significant other for Romance?

I am sure this may sound strange, but yes, it’s true!  And if you do not have someone special, you can even experience Holy Romance with the God of our Universe as your partner.

This comes from expressing your heart and true desires via the Holy Spirit within you and watching and receiving from the Lord the Love He has promised as you walk the path that opens to you every day.   All sorts of miracles and happenings occur on a regular basis when you are open and aware that God is with you and delights in you.

You can begin now to experience this Holy Romance of giving and receiving.

With the Lord as your lover in a Holy Romance, you are never alone.

God is with you, as your partner and best friend, so enjoy Him!

What is Holy Romance?

It is the excitement that comes from sharing personal experience with the Most High God and receiving responsive Love in return.

Believing you are loved and guided and provided for, while knowing that the Creator delights in you, can change your entire world. You will become really fine tuned, to especially feel, believe and know this kind of romance!

I believe in LOVE.

I believe there is a better way that we all can live.

It is taking the high road of Integrity, Romance and of course LOVE.


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