Perseverance, persevere, never give up

Don’t give up!

Your dreams and the efforts you are involved with daily, are yours for a reason. And every great accomplishment begins with small steps each day. So don’t give up.

It’s ok to rest a while. Rest if you need to but persevere.

Perseverance leads to completion.

It is the key to dreams coming true. You may not have seen the results you hoped for in your 20’s, 30’s, 40’s or even fifties, but don’t give up. If your dream is a God given dream, it is better to go to your grave giving it all you have got than to throw it in the tank of “never going to happen”.

Perseverance builds character and often we cannot see the reason why we need to keep going.

Consider your efforts to keep going as a character-building endeavor and keep on persevering. In retrospect what comes is inner delight, peace of mind, a clear conscience, and a witness to the world more eloquent than many words.