Old People Are People Too

Been a waitress far too long, and seen a many things
I’ve met all kinds of people … each with their own being
Yesterday it hit me hard; like a bullet to the neck

Desiring to run, tears were gonna roll; I’d fight to keep my composure

This sweet little old lady cried out to me…

Why does everyone ignore me? Not think much more of me?

They treat me like I’m deaf and dumb and try to scam me on the street
“I almost lost 50 grand today while a store clerk disregarded all I said.”

I could barely stand there without shedding tears
I was thankful for the experience and the time she took to bend my ear

Then she said;

“I was once young and beautiful; just like you my dear and now just because I am older, no one seems to care!”

She has a NEW security system, and doesn’t go out too much these days She lost so many she found dear…. And her grandchildren and son live far away Her neighbor says hello from time to time, and brings her a bit of cheer But she’s gripped by fear, and growing older — in a world where no one seems to care

(c) Kristin Pedderson 2018