Love and Time

There are many choices we make in life.
There are those times we are faced with a need to sacrifice in our lives.
Perhaps for a dream or a goal.

“I sacrifice often for the sake of my art.
What motivates me to choose my way toward the light, are the rewards.” MK


Love and Time make great bed fellows. There is no reason to rush or hurry a dream through life. Pushing and pulling, while attempting to control situations and those around us, lead nowhere and often hinder our progress.

“I’ve come to understand the importance of getting comfortable in my own skin. I’ve learned to love my life and be happy first. In any situation. Rich or poor, famous or infamous.” MK

There are many different types of rewards we seek in life.

Over Love and Time, the way is made. An abundant reward for me, includes, affecting people on their journey. And helping to build strength and resolve inside individuals. This more than likely stems from my own difficult life journey. It is the experience, that qualifies me. You have to have lived it to really understand it.

This is the way of the wounded healer, and the “Hound to Heaven”.

Building a meaningful life in Love, serving others, is not only altruistic, but the way of the peaceful warrior. When I am lifting others up, I am in my greatest joy.

These are the ideas and ways of Miss Kristin.