TV, Media, television, Youtube

From Maury to Wendy, we’ve lost our minds!

We’re media maimed; it should be a crime!

It’s no love connection, though some might say,

It like a wheel of fortune for everyday!

If you ask me I will tell you DOUBLE JEOPARDY!

When the day passes away, before the evening matinee

We’re all channel cruising, on a full cable full load!

And stuck like glue to our remote controls!

Some are married with children, some are keeping score,

In the great brain drain of video YouTube patrol

We’re all Teleconnected …most of the time,

TV maimed and losing our minds!

Oh so entertained, they’ll tell you it’s divine…

To find out who is who—

With each station down the line….

We’re Teleconnected and stuck like glue

To the remote control of a modern world

Finally you’ll find you’ve been left in the dust!

And your brains been drained – while networks call your bluff!

We’re all Media Maimed

and it should be a crime!

Teleconecta— each day before you die!

Teleconnecta © Kristin Pedderson