Happy New Year!

My wish for you in 2017 is for increase!

May your giving and prosperity increase with unselfishness, as the basis of your kindness and compassion.
May you give with a virtuous heart, and experience elation in 2017!

What is a virtuous heart? It’s giving without any thought of restitution.

It’s true, our motives for giving are often tinted with ‘unclean’ motives: perhaps we’re shamed or browbeaten into giving; or we give to receive a privilege; or we give in order to feel good about ourselves.

Each act of giving comes forth from that core of goodness, even though layers of mixed need might cloud our natural ambition of generosity. If we touch that core of goodness, we feel moved. This is natural giving. Give freely, and relish how your core of goodness is touched.  Experience increase in love and experiences.

I wish you a year of compassionate giving and every good thing coming your way!