Following Dreams

Dreams inspire and divulge secrets of the soul.  My music career began with a dream.  I had an impacting dream, where I connected with spirit in finding my life’s purpose.  Early in my discovery, many bizarre and life altering signs and wonders appeared to me, that led me to begin writing. I received the awakening as a call on my life with a purpose as a Minstrel to bring more joy and comfort into the world.  This was my spiritual awakening.

I hold a strong sense of purpose that drives my accomplishments.  I am committed to helping others heal, and cope through life’s difficulties and challenges.  I consider myself a positive channel, that imparts song to comfort the soul and bring about change.

My songwriting dreams are evident in the collections I have created so far.  Each collection has an intended purpose and theme. Click above on the music releases and listen as you read my many articles. My hope is that you will personally be filled with more hope, inspiration and determination to enjoy life and experience personal freedom in discovering your own dreams.

Turn the music up in your headphones, and take it with you everywhere you go. It is intended to be encouraging.

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