Faith, Hope and Love

Music is my medicine. Writing and producing, and creating  new music, helps me to re-charge and re-gain my  strength.  This track was created specifically for my own encouragement, and now for the world who can use more Faith, Hope and Love.

Undisturbed and un-examined, old thoughts lacking in Faith, Hope and Love continue to direct us down unusable, personally destructive paths. Sometimes asking questions and leaving us wondering why our lives may not be going the way we expected. Journaling, helps me to focus energy, and understand my thoughts, leading me through more productive avenues.

Someone once said, “Faith left unexamined is usually a faith not lived, and becomes a faith that succumbs to stagnation or death.” Prayer is clearly a key component to infusing energy, strength and purpose into  faith, but journaling avails the opportunity and the framework to recharge oneself by releasing old patterns to make room for the new.

Have you ever consciously asked yourself how your Faith, Hope and Love spoke to you in any given situation? How did your faith speak to you as you woke up this morning?

Hope carries us through and gives us strength to go on, and Love is the timeless energy that lives and flows heart to heart, always toward our healing.  I hope you enjoy this song, as much as I did writing it. It helps me and I am encouraged when I listen to it. Hang in there through the valleys and trials of life.


Miss Kristin