Valentines & Commitment

When we make a commitment to another person through love;

we are taking on a responsibility to share our love and life with that person. We are silently telling them that we are now going to take into consideration, their feelings and concerns, as well as our own.

Your once single-self life has now become a two-self life.

This does not mean that you stop breathing and living. It just means that you are now sharing your life with this chosen person. It opens up a whole new world of respect.

Remember that you cannot gain respect if you do not offer respect.

Life becomes a definite two-way street when two hearts are involved.

There are also two minds working in this relationship now; two minds that will collide now and then. This is not a bad thing. These differences add spice to our lives!

Be very careful of starting the “Poor Me”, habit. This is a relationship red flag. Remember, walking on egg shells? If one partner becomes so caught up in their own worries and fails to share openly with their partner; it will sneak in between both and begin to build a very strong wall of negative habits. These negative habits are; jealousy, mistrust, low self-esteem and loneliness.

When you begin to feel your partner slipping away from you; grab on and do not for a minute take that red flag for granted. Listen to your partner, and love them more. Just show more of your love.

It is very important to know your partner. Only then can you realize when they are in trouble.

We are an intelligent species, so let us act intelligent when we decide to commit to another person.

There are two lives we are dealing with. We are all going to age and all of us are going to notice our body parts going south. Guess what, no one is above that law. When you have found a true love, and are willing to invest your life with that person, please do not allow material things or negative fantasy ideals, to come between you. It really is not worth it!

When you feel unsure of something, or you feel negative emotions taking control, reach out to God first, then your partner. Don’t walk on egg shells. Make sure that you are walking in the way of The Lord. Do not turn it into a war against your partner. Use all of your love to fight the negative relationship habits.

Love is worth it.

We all have good and bad days. Some have more than others. When it’s a good day, then make it a really good day. Those are remembered the longest.

Remember, we have to love ourselves first. Then and only then can we love another!