Do You Have Hope Today?

hope, today, Christ, Glory

Many people go through daily life, without really believing they’re prayers are being heard. For some, hope for a positive outcome through difficulties is scarce. But there is comfort in choosing hope. And although it may be difficult to find hope as we look around, we need to be proactive and remember to consider how far we have come. We need to remember to have a song of deliverance on our lips and especially to keep hope alive.

Matters in the world, with its many pending problems, elicit a sense of doom. Some try to anesthetize themselves to go through the day with numb feelings. This makes the journey considerably more difficult. And without hope, people face depression, which steals away joy.

The more hope we have, the more strength we’ll have. This is very true, when we face significant trials. Especially where we see people perishing and injustice transpiring. When we have hope, we are better able to receive guidance for future provision.

Our steps are ordered precisely. And we are where we need to be. It is not wise to hope in the things of this world. Instead, we need to have hope in God and His will for our lives. We need to comprehend Christ and what He came to do. Believing, Christ in me, the hope of Glory.

Christ is Love personified. The Truth who gave His life so that we would know that any difficulty we must face, we can make it through. We are never alone in our trials. This is our hope. And there is none who provides what Christ offers. No other teacher demonstrates this path of sacrificial Love. And believing in Christ for salvation, is our hope for heaven.

So, put your hope in the Lord today and learn all you can about Love. Fight the good fight of faith. When you close your eyes, focus on what it is you hope for and do not be afraid. Even if you have been hoping for a very long time for something, without seeing it come to pass, don’t give up. There is a purpose here. Hope in the Lord to lead you through. This hope will not fail.