The Highest Calling

Highest Calling, Selflessness, self, selfishness

Many people feel removed from helping others in times of distress. Mostly unsure of how they can be of service and what exactly to do. But helping those in need is the highest calling.

There are signs and suggestions from the Holy Spirit, for ways to make a difference. But when trouble comes, it can be a challenge to benefit others. So what is needed is a sense of urgency. We need to be selfless. Selflessness means to be more concerned with the needs and wishes of others, than with our own. Would you like to experience magnificence in life? Perhaps a neighbor needs a ride, or their lawn cut. Or someone needs a friend to talk with now and then.

Our kindness goes a long way. Remember the story of the good Samaritan? This is where a man was laying on the side of the road as others walked by. Except for one, who finally assisted and lifted the man to a place of healing. Do you need a miracle? One sure way to grow exponentially, is to change from selfish thinking to reaching out with selflessness. There is always something to do and somewhere to serve. Even with little resources.

Question: Would you help your animals but not your neighbors? Countless people lead small lives. Some feel powerless to make a difference. But if each person considered their existence as an opportunity to serve humanity, the world would be all the better for it. We would see an abundance of selflessness instead of the selfishness that exists on Earth today.

Stepping out to do something different takes energy, vision and drive. And like beautiful paint on canvas, is the energy that occurs between people when Love is in action. Love is selfless. People and communities flourish when they look past differences and toward filling the needs of others. And although we are not justified by works, there are rewards for having a helpful, giving spirit. This is where blessings exist, where wonders occur and life is sweet.

So the principal thing to remember is to prefer others over self and practice selflessness. Selflessness is the walk of excellence. It creates hope in someone else, for the benefit of Love.

Feeling trapped, unmotivated or depressed? Tap into this. It is where life force energy lives.