Thankful In All Ways

Thankful, Thanksgiving 2022

It’s a real challenge to be thankful when you are in real pain. Additionally, when you do not have the money you need to pay certain bills, or the cash needed to buy basic food or energy to heat and maintain a home, why be thankful?

Being thankful helps to counter negative feelings in the midst of trials and tribulations. And sometimes it is difficult to get the words of praise out when we are suffering. We may not even truly believe what we are saying, as we attempt to give thanks under these conditions. But it is important to continue, because after a time, the sentiment sinks in and becomes real.
It’s easy to be thankful when we get the things we hope for. But when we are not receiving what we believe we should see, being thankful is an exercise that requires a level of discipline. Thankfulness can change a person’s happiness, health and outcome. And as we give thanks, we release positive energy throughout our bodies. When gratitude rises, our spirit rises.

Scripture says, “to speak those things that be not; as though they are” (Romans 4:17) So there is power in the spoken word. Which means we give praise and use our words to claim what we do not see. And as we speak hope, even though we have yet to see it, we speak forth power in that area. We understand that God is in control and if it is His will, it will come to pass.

Sometimes we need to start from scratch. From the very minimum. So we remember to be thankful for something as simple as water or sunshine. It’s the little things that help us to better appreciate the journey, especially when we are hurting for something we feel we may need.

To be thankful in all ways means to be content whether abased or abounding. Whether with little or much. Just the fact that we are alive for another day is a gift worthy of thanks. So remember to daily give thanks for the little things and the big things. Give thanks for the dreams you hold in your heart. And Trust the Lord who hears and listens. He holds your future.