Accepted And Loved

Miss Kristin, Kristin, Pedderson, Dreamchaser

Have you ever felt you were not accepted for who you are? Perhaps by family, or friends? Many of us experience a feeling of unacceptance with ourselves. We may feel unlovable for something we have done or just for the way we are. And this prejudice really hurts. Maybe the kids in school bullied or made fun of you. Criticism can mess with a person and it can take a lifetime to recover. 

Growing up, I was expected to be what society and others wanted me to be. Not my musical self. This happens in many cultures and to women especially. And in our world today, with social media and body culture, it is easy to feel as if you don’t measure up. Many of us feel different. 

But when the Lord touched my heart and stepped into the center of my soul, everything changed. I began to see myself through God’s eyes. At this time, I chose to be true to myself. I would trust God to lead and heal me. Wholeness was my destiny and now I was accepted for being me. 

In addition to the unique physical qualities I was given, my personality was one that was very headstrong. Some relationships I chose were with like-minded people. But to walk the path of Love and healing, I had to separate myself at times, from those who would judge me. 

When we accept Jesus Christ as Lord and savior, we become a child of God. We put God first and are free to grow in Truth and beauty. What others think of us, no longer matters. We soon learn the only One who can influence destiny is the Lord. Here we have freedom from mental oppression, flaws, imperfections, and any deceptive idea, as we place everything at the foot of the cross.

Is this you? Do you struggle with self-acceptance? Trust the Lord for your healing today. 

With salvation comes relief. Often the world does not provide the acceptance and Love we need as individuals. So there is a comfort in knowing we are accepted and loved by God. It is also good to know that you are never alone on the journey. God knows everything about you. He knows your weaknesses and strengths and is there by your side all along The Way. 

Please never forget to remember that you are fearfully and wonderfully made. There are no mistakes with God. Additionally, you have purpose. The Lord knows the way to heal your brokenness. 

Furthermore, there is nothing that can keep you from the Love of God which is in Christ Jesus. And the path of Love will help you to live judgment free. To overcome and be who you are. When you have the Word in your heart, especially the healing scriptures, you can walk and live with power in the inner man/woman. Take them to heart today and allow the Truth to set you free.