Crossroads Changes and Shifts

Crossroads, Changes, Shifts

There are times when things do not go the way we hope, or the way we plan. And when these situations occur, we can feel severely let down. But we can still thrive and not get off course when things do not go the way we think or expect that they should. 

Maybe you’ve hoped for something for a very long time, and now believe you will see your plan or vision come to fruition, only to have your hopes dashed.  God closed a door and things didn’t work in your favor.  It’s a real let down when this happens. But we must continue to hope and trust the Lord, who knows just what is needed at every stage.  We can continue to make plans, while holding them loosely.

Please do not lose heart or get mad at God, because only God knows the way for your highest good. It may be time to rest and regroup, but it’s important to not act irrationally. Be gentle with yourself during these times. Take time to pray, rest, eat healthy and be restored as you wait for guidance as to the next steps. 

The Word says, “The steps of a good man/woman are ordered by the Lord.” So, when we keep God first, we trust the order of all things. We know that God has our best interest in mind. 

Now you may be at a crossroad and need to prepare for changes and shifts. Please continue to have expectations for success. Sometimes, we get a big wakeup call! And big wake up calls really help to not resist the Lord’s will any longer. 

Additionally, there are times when we need to change something. Trials and trouble (difficulty) will come. But we can overcome by embracing change, losing our self-will and listening and obeying the Lord’s leading.